WhatsApp will show ads in status section soon just like Instagram

Facebook will reportedly start showing ads on WhatsApp. David Fisher, Facebook’s vice president of business and marketing partnerships, in August this year had announced that WhatsApp was planning to bring ads. WhatsApp VP Chris Daniels make that clear now it is under the status section.

Facebook has been monitor WhatsApp  since buying the app for $19 billion in 2014. The messaging service, which offers end-to-end encryption for 1.5 billion users worldwide, once flirted with subscription fees, but dropped this idea in 2016.

“Currently, we’re approaching monetisation in two ways. In August, we launched the Whatsapp Business API, which enables large companies like MakeMyTrip to send information like tickets to users on WhatsApp. Businesses pay to send those messages,” Daniels told Economic Times paper.

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Facebook is said to show ads in the ‘Stories’ section. Whatsapp users can upload photos and videos as Stories which disappear after 24 hours. Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook already, shows ads in Stories. The company has also announced that it will start showing ads on Facebook Stories which will appear on Messenger as well. Stories on Facebook and Messenger are cross-posted.

There is no actual announcement made by the company about when they will put ads on whatsapp but this is confirm now. I think it might happen in 2019.


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