Focus on Anything By these Glasses, By just one touch


Japanese company Touch Focus has made such a modern and smart Watch that turns into a far-off glasses with  a single touch.

With these eyeglasses you don’t need two glasses for watching close and far way things from you, You can watch both these things with just one glasses by simply touching a button. Before that, another company Pixel Optics also claimed that they were also working on making such kind of Spectacles  That’s not only for just looking far and close, but it can could be changes its numbers according to human eyes, Which human eyes need. Despite the mention of this company, their products could not be seen.

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So Japan’s company started the work of Pixel Optics from where it was thrown. In the Touch Focus Optics there is button installed near the ear of human on a strip of spectacles . This glasses is being presented in 20 different frames.

These optics consists of liquid penis (liqued crystals) which changes its conditions according to conditions. It can charged with usb and only consumes electricity at the time of use. However, the price is kept too high that is $ 2200.

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